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Ready to Adopt?

Adoption can be one of the most joyful times in life. Whether you adopt a baby, a stepchild, a foster child, or a relative, processing legal adoptions in Pennsylvania can be intimidating. Contact an experienced attorney from The Law Offices of Going and Plank to help you navigate the sometimes daunting process.

Private Adoption

In private adoptions, agencies connect birth parents with parents. However, the levels of privacy and anonymity vary widely. Therefore, birth parents can remain anonymous, never meeting the parents personally. Some birth parents choose to be active in selecting adoptive parents, while others delegate parental selection to the agency. In some cases, birth parents mandate an open process that requires ongoing communication with future parents. However, it’s not uncommon for birth parents and prospective parents to meet before the adoption takes place.

In each of these scenarios, an attorney from Going and Plank will be your advocate and help you through a sometimes complicated process. We help you file petitions, complete home studies and obtain clearances, and assist you with the completion of reports. Certainly, we understand the added levels of complexity that sometimes present this process. If you want to talk to an experienced attorney about private adoption, click here.

Public Adoption

Agencies funded by local, state, and federal sources facilitate the placement of children and babies from foster care, known as public adoption. Consequently, each agency may handle the process a little differently. An attorney from Going and Plank will help you become familiar with the process. We can help you file petitions, help you complete home studies and obtain clearances, and assist you with the completion of reports. Contact an experienced lawyer now to help make a new baby or child a part of your family.

Kinship Care and Adoption

When a child or baby can’t stay with his or her birth parents, that child could be placed in the permanent care of an extended birth family member, also called kinship care. If you want to take over the permanent guardianship or adoption of your grandchild, or a child or baby in your extended family, an attorney from Going and Plank will lead you through the process. Importantly, we can handle petitions, home studies, clearances, and reports. If you’re ready to bring your family closer together, contact our experienced attorney now.
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Same-Sex Adoption

Same-sex couples have been able to adopt babies and children since 2016. An attorney at Going and Plank will work with you as a liaison between prospective couples and public and private agencies. That means that we’ll guide you through the process, ensuring paperwork, petitions, home studies, clearances, and reports are in order. Going and Plank can help you make your dreams into reality. So, if you’d like to talk to an adoption lawyer experienced in same-sex adoptions, click here.

Stepchild Adoption

Many stepparents legally adopt stepchildren. Noncustodial parents (the parents without custody of the child) must give consent unless they have already lost parental rights. An adoption lawyer from Going and Plank can help stepparents through the process and can ensure all petitions and permissions are in order. We’ll simplify the process of home studies, clearances, and reports. Going and Plank can help bring your family closer with the adoption of stepchildren. Click here to contact an experienced adoption lawyer.

An Adoption Attorney Helps You Create a Family

Whether you are adopting a baby, a child, a stepchild, or a member of your extended family, this can be a joyful event that can improve the lives of parents and children. Adoption laws and regulations vary from state to state, and from region to region. When you’re considering legal adoption, contact an experienced attorney at Going and Plank. We’ll work closely with you to help you move through the process confidently.

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