Grandparents' Rights in Pennsylvania

Grandparents’ rights vary from state to state. So it’s smart to become familiar with Pennsylvania’s custody laws. Grandparent’s rights in Pennsylvania are grouped into three areas: primary physical custody, partial physical custody, and supervised physical custody.

Primary Physical Custody

Under some circumstances, grandparents can be awarded primary physical custody. This is more likely if they have acted in the place of the parent or if the child. It’s also applicable in cases with risk due to parental abuse, neglect, drug or alcohol abuse, or incapacity. Grandparents can also be eligible for custody if the child resides with grandparents for twelve consecutive months. This excludes brief temporary absences of the child from the home. In these cases, grandparents must file the action within six months after they remove a child from a previous home. Our Lancaster custody lawyer can evaluate your case and pursue custody when appropriate. Click here to contact an experienced grandparents’ rights attorney.

Partial Physical Custody

When the state awards partial physical custody to grandparents, they are allowed to take their grandchildren for specified periods of time. As with other types of shared custody, grandparents must agree on a regular custody schedule. Both grandparents and parents or guardians are obligated to honor that schedule. A grandparents’ rights lawyer from Going and Plank can help you through the process and negotiations. Click here to contact us to help you find a solution that is right for your grandchildren.

Supervised Physical Custody

In some cases, the state grants regular visitation to grandparents. This custodial time must be supervised by an agency, parent, or adult designated by the court. The experienced lawyers at Going and Plank can help obtain supervised physical custody for grandparents, or help you enforce it. Click here to contact us now.

Pennsylvania Grandparents: Know Your Rights

Pennsylvania law recognizes the vital role grandparents can play in keeping their grandchildren safe, healthy, and mentally centered. If you? re concerned about your grandchildren and want to keep them well by expanding your role in their lives, contact us to speak with a grandparents’ rights attorney from Going and Plank today.

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