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By Angela M. Ward, Attorney It is estimated that over half of Americans do not have an estate plan. Some will say that they haven’t gotten around to it, while others may feel they don’t need one. People think of an estate as a stately home on sprawling grounds owned
By Dennis Plank, Attorney Consumers in Lancaster County and beyond are taking on more and more debt these days, much of it in credit cards and student loans. Outstanding U.S. consumer debt has surpassed $4 trillion, with total credit card debt at an all-time high of $1 trillion. No wonder
By Dennis Plank, Lancaster Personal Injury Lawyer All drivers in Lancaster County (and elsewhere) have a duty to exercise reasonable care when they are on the road in order to keep people safe. If someone injures you or a loved one in a car or truck collision, you often have
By Robert M. Going, Jr., Attorney Unless you are one of the rare couples that are able to have a relaxed, conflict-free divorce, you’ve probably had to deal with some type of custody disagreement. And for some couples, that disagreement can escalate into a full-scale battle. After all, determining or
By Angela M. Ward, Attorney If you live in Lancaster County, you know that legal contracts are a part of everyday life. When you buy a home, start a new job, start a business, hire employees, work with vendors, or lease office space, you’ll probably be asked to sign or
By Angela M. Ward, Attorney Owning a home should be a happy experience. But sometimes careless or even dishonest contractors or real estate agents can cheat you out of money and peace of mind. You don’t have to put up with it. In Pennsylvania, homeowners are protected from contractor and
By Robert M. Going Jr., Attorney Grandparenting can be one of the most joyous roles of your life. From the moment your grandchildren were born, you may have anticipated fun family gatherings, special activities together and, yes, probably a little spoiling, too. Unfortunately, sometimes the role of a grandparent can
By Dennis Plank, Attorney Denied Social Security Disability claims can be tough to deal with, for many reasons. Suffering from a disabling injury or medical condition is already challenging, both physically and emotionally. Not only must you deal with the effects of your disability, but also with the worry of
By Dennis L. Plank, Attorney Many of us work hard at our jobs. We show up day after day, giving our employers our best efforts. But even dedicated, experienced employees may get hurt on the job. That’s why denied workers’ compensations claims are so frustrating. In 1915, Pennsylvania enacted the
Do You Need to Update Your Power of Attorney? By Angela M. Ward, Attorney The law with requirements for this document changed in 2015 and it may be prudent to update now! A Power of Attorney is the document that allows you to identify another person to act as your

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  1. It’s cool to think that you can now leave your heirlooms or assets to your living beneficiaries if ever something happens to you with the help of estate planning. My friend told me that this pandemic is making him think about this a lot. I’ll recommend that he contact an attorney that can help him regarding this.

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