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By Robert M. Going, Jr., Attorney When we think of divorce, we often picture a nasty, expensive, adversarial affair where couples fight in court over everything from the custody of the children to the tiniest of possessions. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As a Lancaster divorce attorney,
By Dennis L. Plank, Attorney Accidents are an unfortunate part of life, and most of them do not warrant a lawsuit. However, there are times when someone is injured because of something another person, business, or organization did or failed to do. Perhaps a defective product caused an illness or
By Angela M. Ward, Attorney We tend not to think about estate planning until confronted with our own mortality. In fact, despite the huge impact an estate plan can have on our own lives before death and on the lives of loved ones after, many Americans still avoid the simple
By Dennis L. Plank, Lancaster Attorney People who have paid into Social Security for years and become disabled might think collecting Social Security Disability benefits is easy. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true. Between 60 and 70 percent of Social Security Disability claims get rejected. The good news? With the
By Robert M. Going, Attorney  Driving under the influence can change lives in an instant. In Pennsylvania alone, alcohol-related impairment accounts for nearly 30 percent of all traffic fatalities. But even in cases where there is no accident or death, a DUI arrest can have far-reaching implications for your wallet,
By Dennis L. Plank, Attorney Recent world events have caught many people off guard. After 11 years of economic stability and years of a record-high employment rate, many Lancaster County homeowners were surprised by recent furloughs or job losses. Others may have found that even a few weeks or a
By Angela M. Ward, Attorney Whenever the news reports health threats around the globe, it’s natural to wonder what would happen to you and your family if you became suddenly ill or passed unexpectedly. While events like the COVID-19 crisis are thankfully rare, they can remind us of the importance of
By Robert M. Going, Jr., Lancaster Child Custody Attorney These are strange times that we’re living in, and the recent shift in world events has changed every aspect of our lives. As a Lancaster custody attorney, I’m hearing from many past and current child custody clients asking if health concerns
By Dennis L. Plank, Attorney Filing for bankruptcy does not have to be a sign of failure. Sometimes financial misjudgments and living beyond ones means can quickly snowball into insurmountable debt. However, in other cases, debt is the result of circumstances beyond an person’s control, such as overwhelming medical bills
By Angela M. Ward, Attorney Living with a disability is challenging. Living with discrimination because of that condition makes the challenge even more difficult. The Americans with Disabilities Act is one of several federal anti-discrimination laws that protect those with handicaps from unfair treatment in the job hiring process and

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