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By Robert M. Going, Attorney When couples divorce, it’s easy to get caught up in the collapse of the relationship, the anger over the wrongdoings of each spouse, and the stress and expense of starting a new, single life. When the divorcing spouses are parents, however, their most pressing concern
By Dennis L. Plank, Attorney Lancaster County residents can take important steps to manage debt, but sometimes that debt snowballs out of their control, and bankruptcy is the best option. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are two forms of bankruptcy that can offer individuals financial relief. Chapter 7 focuses on
By Angela M. Ward, Attorney Homes have always been a central part of our lives. They’re a place to gather with family and friends and a retreat at the end of a long day. In recent months, home has become a place to work and learn as well.  Many homeowners
By Dennis L. Plank, Attorney Pennsylvania workers who suffer from an injury or medical condition that leaves them unable to work may think their need for Social Security Disability benefits is obvious, but securing those benefits is far more difficult than it may seem. On average since 2008, the Social
By Angela M. Ward, Attorney We all want to take care of our loved ones while we are alive but taking care of them after we’re gone is just as important. A solid estate plan can help you do just that. Dying without a last will and testament and estate
By Robert M. Going Jr., Attorney Divorce is difficult on many levels. Often both parties feel anger and hurt as well as worry over how the break-up of the marriage will affect their children. Added to an already stressful situation is an often complicated legal process that can make it
bankruptcy-good-choice-Bankruptcy: How to Know if it’s a Good Choice
By Dennis L. Plank, Attorney While debt is frequently the result of poor money management and overspending, many times financial hardships come from circumstances out of our control, such as layoffs, job loss, and unexpected medical expenses.  In these unprecedented times, even those who are careful with their finances may
By Angela M. Ward, Attorney Workplace discrimination comes in many forms. It can show up in unfair hiring or layoffs, in salaries or promotions, and in work terms and conditions. Employers might discriminate for a variety of reasons, including sex, race, religion, age, and national origin. Fortunately, numerous federal laws
7 Child Custody Tips
By Robert M. Going Jr., Attorney When a couple decides to divorce, it’s easy for both parties to get caught up in the circumstances that ended their relationship, feelings of hurt and anger, and stress over the financial and emotional changes that come with life after divorce. What sometimes gets
By Robert M. Going, Attorney Driving while under the influence can change the life of a Lancaster County driver in an instant. Pennsylvania is not tolerant of DUI drivers and the associated penalties of a DUI charge are severe. Depending on the level of alcohol in their system, whether they

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