Employees Have Rights In Pennsylvania

Protect Your Employees Rights in Pennsylvania

The Law Offices of Going and Plank offer experience in helping employees fight unfair and illegal employment practices. Cases include discrimination, contract violation, unfair termination, and Family Leave and Medical Act (FLMA) violations. We also handle harassment, hostile workplaces, retaliation issues, unemployment disputes, and more. When you suspect that your job, income, benefits, professional advancement is at risk, give us a call. If your safety in the workplace is being jeopardized unfairly, it may be time to take legal action. If you are facing unfair or illegal practices in the workplace, click here to contact an employee rights lawyer.

Unemployment Compensation in an Employee Right

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, employees get dismissed. In these cases, they qualify for unemployment compensation. However, if your employer has unfairly denied your unemployment benefits, we can help you appeal. If your employer appealed your eligibility, we can help you defend it. Contact us now to discuss your legal options.

Severance Agreement Negotiation is Your Right

When an employer presents you with a severance agreement, they must grant you time to have an attorney review it. Before signing a severance agreement, it’s a good idea to contact our legal professionals. We’ll help you negotiate the terms of your severance, secure the maximum severance to which you are entitled, and protect your rights.

Employee Rights Protect You From Workplace Discrimination

The law protects employees against discrimination by many laws and acts. These can including discrimination based on sex or gender, It also include issues with age, race, color, and national origin. Similarly, they prohibit discrimination based on disability as well as pregnancy, caregiving responsibilities, sexual orientation, and political affiliation. Many workplace infractions fall below the legal definition of discrimination, But many actions are prohibited under Pennsylvania and Federal law. These include failure to hire and failure to promote. They also include failure to protect from ongoing and known harassment by co-workers or supervisors, and termination. An employee rights lawyer from Going and Plank will help you evaluate your case and recommend appropriate legal actions. Contact us today to find out if your issues should be addressed with legal actions.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Include Employee Rights

Many people associate The Family and Medical Leave Act with pregnancy. However, it also applies to a broader variety of caretaking responsibilities including eldercare. Family responsibility discrimination occurs when employers form biases about how employees with caregiving responsibilities will or should act. For example, when a new child arrives or a family member requires caretaking, employers may make workplace decisions with discriminatory biases. They may assume that the employee will be unreliable or less dedicated to the job.

The employee rights law attorney from Going and Plank helps Lancaster County and Central PA, employees. We’ll help you work through family responsibility discrimination by providing legal counsel, letters, and thorough documentation. We’ll help with injunctions when needed. Contact us today to learn more about your legal options.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Protects You

According to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers may not discriminate against an individual with a qualifying disability. Additionally, the employer may not deny the employee a reasonable workplace accommodation that would allow the employee to perform his or her job. If you suspect your employer is not complying with ADA regulations, it’s time to contact Going and Plank.

Wage and Hour Discrepancies May Violate Your Employee Rights

Many employees feel intimidated or fearful when it comes to issues related to pay. However, some employers do not comply with the law.? The Fair Labor Standards Act, The Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law, The Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Law, and The Pennsylvania Equal Pay Law all protect PA employees. Common issues include illegal tip-sharing, and forfeiting bonuses or commissions. These laws also overtime issues, unfair or unexpected deductions in pay, and unpaid wait time. Requiring employees to respond to requests and calls after hours without compensation is another example of illegal activity. If you suspect your employer is guilty of violating wage and hour laws, an employment lawyer from Going and Plank may be able to get a court order that covers your wage losses and your attorney fees. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Sexual Harassment is Illegal

Sexual harassment in the workplace includes unwelcome comments, physical advances, or offensive comments about your gender at the workplace. Most compensation comes in the form of pain and suffering awards and ‘punitive damage’ awards. However, if you suspect that sexual harassment is a factor in being denied a raise, refused a promotion, or fired, you may be entitled to back pay and compensation for lost benefits. Additionally, Going and Plank may be able to get a court order that covers your wage losses and your attorney fees. Contact us now to discuss your legal options.

You Don't Have to Tolerate a Hostile Work Environment

When someone?s behavior, actions, or communication make it impossible for you to effectively do your job, you may be in a hostile work environment. Companies may face legal retribution if their actions or behavior discriminate against a protected classification. These classifications include race, sex or gender, religion, disability, and age. If the acts were severe or frequent enough to interfere with your work or career progression, you may be in a hostile work environment. If you believed you had to tolerate illegal behavior to remain employed, it may also qualify as a hostile work environment. Employers are obligated to swiftly address reported issues. When employers are aware of issues and don’t take action, they may be held liable. If you believe you are in a hostile work environment, click here to contact an experienced employee rights lawyer from Going and Plank.

Unfair Employment Contracts and Agreements Violate Your Employee Rights

Many employers ask new employees to sign contracts and agreements at the beginning of their employment. For example, employers may ask you to sign employment agreements, non-compete covenants, non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements, and employee handbooks. Some employers depend on the fact that few employees have a lawyer review these materials before signing. These employers take advantage of a new hire?s goodwill to include clauses that make it difficult for you to find your next job or ask for damages. Some employers omit the benefits and conditions promised to you when hired. Before you sign any type of employment contract, ask an employee rights lawyer from Going and Plank to review your contract, so we can identify issues that may work unfairly against you. Click here to contact an employee rights lawyer today.?

Discrimination or Retaliation Following a Claim is Illegal

Taking legal action against your employer can be intimidating. Many people fear professional retaliation from supervisors, partners, owners, or other co-workers. However, an employee rights lawyer from Going and Plank can help you enforce the state and federal laws that protect employees who have filed a workers? comp claim, reported a whistleblower, filed a harassment claim, took time off in accordance with FMLA, have requested ADA compliance, or took legal action to enforce a contract or protect your rights. It’s unlawful to refuse to hire, demote, transfer to undesirable job duties, or terminate employees because they took actions to protect their employee rights. Going and Plank can help protect you against unfair treatment or retaliation. If you suspect you’re being penalized for a claim or legal action you made against your employer, contact us today.

Know Your Rights. Protect Your Rights.

Sometimes you don’t have the ability to fix workplace issues without legal help. Contact Going and Plank for legal help in these issues:

  • Assistance dealing with unemployment compensation
  • Negotiating a severance agreement
  • Unfair treatment because of your race, sex or gender, religion, disability, or age
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unfair or illegal pay
  • Refusal to address hostile workplace issues
  • Not providing you with the tools you need to do your job as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The pressure to sign a contract that is not to your benefit
  • Not honoring employment contracts
  • Retaliation because you reported abuse or filed a legal claim
  • Retaliation because you took Family or Medical Leave as outlined in the FMLA

Going and Plank has decades of experience helping employees protect their rights in Lancaster and throughout South Central Pennsylvania. Contact us today.




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