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Over 40 Years of Experience With Child Custody Law

Families throughout Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania have relied on the family law experts at Going and Plank since 1956. Child support and child custody agreements can take many different forms in today’s society. We offer a child custody lawyer with decades of experience. Our legal team strives to deliver compassionate, comprehensive legal services that help you meet the most demanding custody challenges. If you need help with your child custody matters, contact us to speak with an experienced custody expert at Going and Plank.

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Child Custody Agreements and Orders

Determining custody can be difficult for the guardians and their children. The attorneys at Going and Plank understand that each family is different and that each family’s custody issues require personalized attention. Whether your child custody case requires simple mediation or aggressive litigation, our family law team will work tirelessly towards the best outcome. Click here to reach an experienced child custody attorney.

Expedited Custody

In some circumstances, especially if a child is endangered, Going and Plank can fast-track custody evaluations or re-evaluations. While a majority of custody review dates are set several months in advance, a motion for expedited custody can reduce waiting time to a few weeks or less, depending on the situation. If you need help with expedited custody, click here to contact us now.

Child Custody or Temporary Custody Enforcement

Determining custody schedules in shared custody agreements can be complicated. An experienced family law attorney at Going and Plank is ready to help you find and document personalized custodial schedules that fit for your situation. If you find that your spouse is not adhering to the custodial schedule, a lawyer at Going and Plank can help you get your spouse to comply with orders, or even file a Motion to Enforce. Click here to request an appointment to discuss your custody issues.

Child Support

Child support is intended to provide appropriate financial support for underaged children and dependent adult children. Child support payments are usually monthly amounts determined by the court based on the evidence supplied by both spouses. The experienced attorneys at Going and Plank help you prepare evidence to ensure court decisions are fair to both spouses, and to dependents. If you want to discuss your child support issues with an experienced family law attorney, click here to get started.

Temporary Child Custody

Temporary custody is often determined during a separation or divorce, pending a final agreement. In divorce proceedings, it’s important to take temporary custody determinations seriously since the parent who obtains temporary custody is also more likely to be granted permanent custody. Temporary custody can also be granted if a parent becomes seriously ill or hospitalized if a parent cannot afford to care for their child if a job requires an unusual or exceptional time or travel commitment, and in cases of domestic violence. If you want to speak to an experienced custody lawyer about your case, click here.

Child Endangerment

Child endangerment charges can be one of the most challenging types of offenses to deal with because a prosecutor can initiate charges even when no harm has come to a child. Child endangerment charges can be filed if someone believes a child is being placed in a hazardous situation or if they believe that appropriate safeguards have not be taken to protect that child. If you have been charged with child endangerment, or if you believe you should level this charge against someone for endangering a child, The Law Offices of Going and Plank offer an attorney experienced in child endangerment laws and court procedures. Click here if you would like to contact us to help you through this sometimes complicated and frustrating process.

Grandparents' Rights

Families fall apart for many reasons; divorce, the death of a parent, incarceration, physical abuse, or drug or alcohol issues. When those situations occur, grandparents have certain legal rights and can seek periods of time with grandchildren or even primary legal and physical custody. If you want to speak with an attorney experienced in Grandparents Rights, click here. Going and Plank attorneys will help you understand your rights and can help you protect your grandchildren.

Protection From Abuse or PFA

Going and Plank lawyers are experienced with PFAs and defense against PFA and their consequences. Our legal team can help you reach a fair outcome. In Pennsylvania, a Protection From Abuse order requires two hearings. In the first hearing, the plaintiff is allowed to present testimony without the defendant in the room. In the second hearing, both sides are usually present and with attorneys. Whether you are filing the PFA order or defending against it, PFA proceedings can seriously impact child custody, property, and support decisions. Click here to schedule a consultation with an attorney experienced with PFAs.

Parental Relocation

When one divorced parent moves, it can affect the entire family. The experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Going and Plank can represent separated or divorced parents who want to move their children from the area, or out of state. Our lawyers also represent the parents opposed to relocation. In Pennsylvania, rulings in this area can be highly subjective, so be sure to retain a lawyer experienced in relocation rulings. Click here to contact an attorney experienced in parental relocation law.


Modification of Existing Orders

Life doesn’t stop after a divorce or separation. Court orders may be modified for custodial rights, child support, and visitations if there are significant changes to a family’s situation, including relocation, change in income, physical or substance abuse, endangerment, or changes in a child’s health or developmental needs. Whether you're filing for a modification or fighting one, our attorneys are experienced in custody and family law and can help you reach the best outcome for your family. If you want to contact a lawyer about modification of existing orders, click here.

Judgment Enforcement Process

Sometimes former spouses stop paying child support or violate child custody obligations. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Going and Plank can help you pursue the enforcement of those obligations, helping you in your efforts to create a more stable environment for your family. If you’re ready to contact a lawyer about the judgment enforcement process, click here.

Helping Families in Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania get Fair Custody Rulings

Every family has special circumstances, and each child custody situation presents unique challenges. Going and Plank offers decades of experience In family law, child custody, grandparents rights, and protection from abuse orders. We can help you navigate successfully through difficult times, helping you to find solutions that are best for your children and your family. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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