The American Disabilities Act Protects Lancaster County Residents From Discrimination. Is Your Employer Breaking the Law?

By Angela M. Ward, Attorney Although living with a disability is difficult, experiencing discrimination in employment can make it worse.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one of several federal laws against discrimination designed to stop unfair or prejudicial treatment during the hiring process and at the workplace once hired. According to the ADA, disabilities are any mental or physical impairment that interferes…


FMLA Offers Leave for New Parents and Employees who Need to Care for Loved Ones. Do You Know Your FMLA Rights?

The Family and Medical Leave Act, also called FMLA, was enacted to help families in times of need. Established in 1993, this federal labor law provides unpaid, job-protected leave to qualified employees for various medical and family reasons, including caring for a new child and caring for sick relatives. While some states have passed their own FMLA laws, Pennsylvania employees are limited to the rights guaranteed under the federal law. While the FMLA legislated protection against certain types of discrimination, some employers, intentionally or unintentionally, violate this law. Lancaster County employees should take time to get to know their rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act and, when necessary, seek the help of an FMLA attorney to protect those rights.


Is Your Lancaster County Employer Breaking PA Law?

By Angela M. Ward, Attorney Today, laws are in place in Pennsylvania and at the national level to protect employees from unsafe working conditions, discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination and to ensure they receive fair pay and benefits. While workers’ rights are sometimes taken for granted, they are a result of decades of employer abuse. In the 1800s, Pennsylvania was home to world-famous robber barons…


Disability Discrimination in Lancaster County: Know Your Rights in the Workplace

By Angela M. Ward, Attorney Workplace discrimination comes in many forms. It can show up in unfair hiring or layoffs, in salaries or promotions, and in work terms and conditions. Employers might discriminate for a variety of reasons, including sex, race, religion, age, and national origin. Fortunately, numerous federal laws exist to protect employees from certain forms of workplace discrimination. Workers with disabilities have…


Don’t Put Up With Disability Discrimination in Lancaster County Workplaces

By Angela M. Ward, Attorney Living with a disability is challenging. Living with discrimination because of that condition makes the challenge even more difficult. The Americans with Disabilities Act is one of several federal anti-discrimination laws that protect those with handicaps from unfair treatment in the job hiring process and during your employment. The ADA defines a disability as a physical or mental impairment…


Know How to Recognize and Fight Workplace Discrimination

By Angela Ward, Attorney If you work in Lancaster County, you are protected against discrimination by numerous state and federal labor laws, and for good reason. Unfair or unequal treatment in the workplace based on any number of personal characteristics, rather than individual merit, can be costly, both financially and emotionally. Discriminatory Behavior Can Harm You While some cases of discrimination are obvious, others…